Removal of fat from the chin

What is fat removal from the chin?

It means the removal of adipose tissue deposited in the neck area under the chin by liposuction. The information on liposuction is roughly the same as described for liposuction, but due to the specifics of the area, some differences should be mentioned. In this case, we work with the traditional vacuum technique and use the thinnest suction cannulas.

How is liposuction surgery done?

Surgery is performed more often under local anesthesia because the amount of deposited fat is much smaller than in other parts of the body. It depends on the patient’s choice whether the surgery is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

After liposuction

Compression bandaging is also needed here, but is usually worn for a shorter period of time than other areas of the body. We recommend the velcro fastener, which should be worn day and night for 2 weeks, but can be removed from the fourth day after surgery for half an hour for bathing and for men for shaving.

Due to the proximity of the cervical vessels and nerves, greater caution is required, but the type and proportion of possible complications of surgery performed by an experienced plastic surgeon is not greater than with other liposuction. The occurrence of salivary gland fistula has also been described as very rare, with a thousandth probability.