You can register for consultation on each working day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by phone.


(36-1) 257-58-73
(06 20) 421 71 33
Address: 1068. Budapest, Városligeti fasor 28.


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Dr. Csuha Lajos plastic surgeon:

Telephone: (36 20) 941 83 36

Our patients can park their cars at the internal service road of the alley, in front of the clinic free of charge. There is a paying parking area oppositely to the clinic where our patients may park at reduced prices.

Stitched Panorama

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If you come by public traffic, the nearest bus stop is the Bajza Street bus stop of the trolley no. 70, 78. We are easily and quickly accessible by theMillennium Underground Railway (“little underground”) (route M1); its stop at Bajza Street comes the nearest to us. You need not walk too much from “56-osok tere” stop on the Dózsa György Street of the trolley bus no. 75 or the Dózsa György Street stop of the trolley bus no. 79, either.You can arrive by the buses marked 30 or 30A as well, you should get off at their Damjanich Street stop.