Eyelid surgery

Eyelid cosmetic surgery

Looseness of the skin of eyelids, crinkly eyelids, hanging of the upper eyelids, baggy lower eyelids caused by advancement of years, can be corrected with eyelid plastic surgery. We smooth away the eyelids by cutting out the stretched and excess skin. Sometimes the adipose tissue, which surrounds the eyeballs, can bulge out through the frame of the eyelid or the eyelids’ fibres of muscle predominate and cause bulging at the area of eyelids. These conditions can all be operated on and corrected. There can also occur although, not very often, at advanced ages the turning out of eyelids, because of very strong loosening of the lower eyelid’s texture. This also can be corrected by an operation. The small out-branching lateral winks, „crow’s feet” cannot be eliminated by operation. For some years these have been treated by injection-techniques. The eyebrow, if it is needed can also be lifted by another operation. At younger ages the first wrinkles where there isn’t significant looseness, peeling by laser can be effective.


Because the problems-described above- age the face to a significant degree, operation can result  an extremely youngish, spectacular change. However this change doesn’t remain for the whole reminder of life.

The loosening of eyelids goes on so the operation possibly has to be repeated after10-12 years. Commonly this intervention is not very often needed before the age of 35. There is no upper limit of ages. Patients can be women or men as well.


Cuttings and scars:

During the operation we make a cutting on the eyelid’s skin that later will heal leaving a scar. In the case of the upper eyelid this scar runs 8-10 mm. above the edge, where with the eye open a bent fold forms from the inner eye-nook to the outer and from it outwards and upwards for a further 10-12 mm. The scar below runs just under the row of eyelashes by about 1-2 mm. but generally this also runs downward and outwards by 10-12 mm. These scar remains forever but they are so fine and thin that they cannot be well seen even without any make-up.

The duration of a two-side total upper and lower eyelid plastic operation may take 2-3 hours. We don’t use anaesthesia because we need the patient’s cooperation. /Eg. Open eyes, close them, and look upwards! / Local anaesthesia is a slight inconvenience but is effective at once and there is no more pain. After the operation the incisions are closed by extremely thin thread and the eyelids are fixed by an adhesive tape. This doesn’t disturb the sight. After a short rest, and 40-50 minutes treatment with ice the patient, who was treated as an outpatient, can leave the clinic. After the operation as a consequence the eyelids may be red and swollen which are normal symptoms and after 10-12 days they will disappear by themselves. It also may occur that, because of the swollen eyelids the closure of the eye isn’t perfect, that is to say, the lower eyelid from the eyeball by a minimal measure does not fit. Therefore the patient’ eyes may water, but this is only temporary and last for a few weeks and before ending completely.

Instruction after operation. After the operation is a definitive need to have a home-rest for a few days. This means remaining in bed where the upper body should be higher by the help of some pillows during both lying and sleeping. Instead of   watching TV or reading we advise listening to music or radio broadcasts.