Breast asymmetry

We can talk about breast asymmetry if the difference between the two breasts is striking at first glance; the two sides differ in size, shape and nipple position, or a combination of all of these factors. Generally, the difference should be greater than 5-10% for surgical treatment to produce adequate results. A small difference is normal for the two sides of the human body, so for example, a difference of 1-1.5 cm in the position of the nipples is not even visible, and a difference of 5-10% in the size of the breasts is usually not conspicuous. Often, these abnormalities result from chest deformity or are caused by scoliosis or a postural disorder.

In the case of significant differences, combinations of surgical solutions for mammoplasty result in a very spectacular improvement, however, perfect symmetry cannot be guaranteed in this case either. The surgical solutions are quite varied: in addition to using breast implants of different sizes and shapes, mastopexy (breast lift) on one side or the other, breast augmentation on one side and mastopexy (breast lift) and reduction on the other side at the same time; in some cases, liposuction may even be considered.

The process of surgery, pre- and post-treatment, discomfort, and complications are the same as for breast lift or breast augmentation.