Breast asymmetry

We can speak about breast asymmetry if the difference between the two breasts is embarrassing at first view; the two sides are different in size, shape, position of the teat or jointly in all these factors.  Usually the difference should be greater than 5-10% in order for the surgical treatment can bring proper result. Smaller difference is normal for the two sides of the human body, so for example 1-1.5cm difference in the position of the teats cannot be seen and 5-10% difference in the mass of the breasts is usually not disturbing. Often these deviations result from the deformity of the chest or have scoliosis or posture disorder at the back of them.

In the event of more significant differences, the combinations of the surgical solutions of mammoplasty result in very spectacular improvement; however, the perfect symmetry cannot be guaranteed in this case, either. The surgical solutions are quite variegated: in addition to the seating of breast implants of various size and shape, breast lift on one or the other side, breast lift on one side and breast augmentation simultaneously with reduction on the other side; in some cases even liposuction may be considered.

The process of the operations, the pre- and post-treatment, the discomforts and complications are just the same as those written for the breast lift or breast augmentation.