Breast surgery

Mastopexy (breast lift)

Restoring of the slackened breasts, or stretched any other way breasts sewing up, that is to say, restoring their original young-looking, erect feature, are the most frequently done intervention in our clinic. Read more »

Reduction mammoplasty

The female breast’s size may sometimes increase in an embarrassing way, meaning not only aesthetical problem to the recipient but the weight of the breasts causing back pain and posture disorders as well. The size increase often results in lengthening and owing to the burdensome sweating on the contacting skin areas below the breasts it may even result in the development of fungoid growth. Read more »

Breast asymmetry

We can speak about breast asymmetry if the difference between the two breasts is embarrassing at first view; the two sides are different in size, shape, position of the teat or jointly in all these factors. Read more »

Breast lift and augmentation

In the cases when the breast is too loose that is the teat is placed further down than the lower line of leaning over and at the same time the mass of the breast is too small, the breast augmentation and the breast lift can be combined. Read more »


Gynecomastia or originally gynaecomastia is a word of Greek origin, meaning the abnormal enlargement of man’s mammilary gland. The unmanly enlargement of man’s mamma is aesthetically very disturbing, but it can be corrected by plastic surgery. Read more »

Mammoplasty includes various types of operation such as enlargement of women’s breast – breast augmentation, or in other word breast implantation, lifting of loose breasts – mastopexy, breast lift, or breast correction, but it is also frequent mammoplasty to perform both operations mentioned previously: breast augmentation + mastopexy. Mammoplasty includes also the reduction of too large female breasts – reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction, reconstruction of asymmetric breasts through the combination of the methods mentioned previously, and mammoplasty includes also reduction of enlarged male breasts – gynecomastia.