Dr. Lajos Csuha plastic surgeon head of department is the manager of the ALAK STUDIO HEALTH LTD

csuha-lajos-plasztikai-sebeszAfter 5 years spent with gaining experience in general surgery, he has been engaged in plastic surgery for 22 years.  For 19 years, he has been performing the interventions involving the whole range of aesthetic surgery in private praxis.

  • 1984: Diploma at the Semmelweis University of Medical Science, Budapest
  • 1984-1988: Surgeon at the surgical department of the Central State Hospital
  • 1988-1991: Plastic surgeon a the plastic surgical department of the Central Military Hospital
  • 1991: Special examination in plastic surgery
  • 1991-1995: Medicinart plastic surgery private clinic
  • 1993: Founding member of the Private Physician Section of the Hungarian Society for Reconstructive and Aesthetical Surgery
  • 1995: Art Medic plastic surgery private clinic
  • 2002: Managing Director of the ALAK STUDIO Health Ltd
  • 2010: The ALAK STUDIO moves to a new place in the Városliget
  • 2015: Head physician- director in the Nógrádi street plastic surgary

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Scientific programs

He takes part regularly in scientific programs home and abroad. 


The more important conferences attended during the accreditation program in years 2000 to 2004:

2000 juneInternational advanced course on rhinoplastyPécsHungary
2000 septInternational symposium on plastic and aesthetic surgeryLarnacaCyprus
2000 oct5th scientific session of MPHESTKeszthelyHungary
2000 octScientific session of the Hungarian Association for BurningKeszthelyHungary
2001 juneInternational symposium on aesthetic mammoplastyWienAustria
2001 sept9th convention of ESPRASRomeItaly
2001 nov6th scientific session of MPHESTDebrecenHungary
2002 febLipomatic workshopBudapestHungary
2002 maySymposium on reconstructive and aesthetic mammoplastyBudapestHungary
2002 mayEuropean Academy of Cosmetic Surgery ConventionWienAustria
2002 sept7th scientific session of MPHESTZalakarosHungary
2002 septAphrodite 2002 international symposiumLarnacaCyprus
2003 janAPTOS soft lifting workshopBudapestHungary
2003 oct8th scientific session of MPHESTBudapestHungary
2003 octCourse on laser techniques and skin surgeryBarcelonaSpain
2004 aprInternational advanced course on breast surgeryVisegrádHungary
2004 mayInternational Conference of French Society for Aesthetical SurgeryParisFrance
2004 sept1st Budapest symposium on aesthetic surgeryBudapestHungary
2004 sept9th scientific session of MPHESTNyíregyházaHungary

The conferences attended during the accreditation program in years 2005 to 2009:

May 200522nd International Conference French Society for Aesthetical
Sept 2005Annual International Conference of EAFPS on Rhinoplasty and RhytidectomyFirenzeItaly
Nov 200510th scientific session of MPHESTGalyatetőHungary
Nov 2005Jubilee scientific session of the Plastic Surgery Department of the Military HospitalBudapestHungary
May 2006Central European Advanced Course on Aesthetic Plastic SurgeryPragueCzech
May 2006Czech National SymposiumPragueCzech
Oct 200611th Conference of MPHESTPécsHungary
Oct 2006Eighth International Medical Laser Conference BudapestBudapestHungary
Oct 2006Conference of the Croatian Society for Plastic SurgeryOpatiaCroatia
Apr 20077th Conference on breast and face reconstructive and esthetic plastic surgeryBudapestHungary
May 200724th International Conference of the French Society for Aesthetical SurgeryParisFrance
June 200714th International Conference of the Society for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetical SurgeryBerlinGermany
Sept 200712th Conference of MPHESTSiófokHungary
Nov 2007International Plastic Surgery ConferenceBudapestHungary
Feb 200819th Scientific Conference of the International Society for Aesthetical SurgeryMelbourneAustralia
Sept 2008Obligatory course on plastic and burning surgeryBudapestHungary
Nov 2008Forum on breast onco-surgery, oncoplastyBudapestHungary
Nov 20092nd International forum on plastic surgeryBudapestHungary

The conferences attended during the accreditation program in years 2010 to 2014:

2010 szept.I. Central European confidence meeting on face and breast surgerySzegedMagyaro.
2011 ápr.International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery CourseTemesvárRománia
2011 okt.International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Instructional CoursePrágaCseho.
2011 nov.International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery CourseDebrecenMagyaro.
2012 márc.I. Interdiszciplináris Magánorvosi FórumSiófokMagyaro.
2012 szept.21th Congress of ISAPSGenevaSvájc
2012 okt.1st EASAPS, 2nd CECBudapestMagyaro.



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Member of



The Hungarian Society for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (MPHEST) and its private physician section


The International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, IPRAS