Breast lift and augmentation

In the cases when the breast is too loose that is the teat is placed further down than the lower line of leaning over and at the same time the mass of the breast is too small, the breast augmentation and the breast lift can be combined.  In effect, we perform two operations simultaneously: with the implant we provide the desired mass of the breast and by the lifting we ensure the proper tightness for holding this mass. Certainly the two operations can be separated in time; then the lift is made in the first step then after a half-year or one year the implant is placed. This two-step solution may be useful for the duration of the shape achieved. The information on the combined operation can be found in the breast lift, and the breast augmentation menu point.


With regard to the surgical scars, we can select out of the three possibilities described for the breast lift; any incision used for the breast lift makes the placement of the implant possible through it. For the healing time and the suture removal, also those described for the breast lift will be applicable.